BRAZILIAN WAXING -  It does NOT have to be a horrible experience! Make the right choice for all you waxing needs and come see Sanya @ PERFECTIONS!

BRAZILIAN WAX * "It was my first Brazilian wax. She was very knowledgeable of the product she was using and that made me very comfortable. I will definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a waxing services."  - Andrea B. | 06.1.2016

BRAZILIAN WAX * "I had been getting waxed before I changed to Sanya and had bad, painful experiences. It's so easy to book an appointment and there isn't any pain! My skin looks ten times better. I really recommend seeing her!!" - Whitney F. | 04.4.2016

EYEBROW WAX "I love Sanya C! Definitely book your next appointment here!" - Alexis S. | 12.28.2015

EXPRESS FACIAL "my face feels and looks amazing! after receiving a pumpkin orange facial from Sanya! definitely getting another one!" - Adriana R. | 12.6.2015

 BRAZILIAN WAX "Sanya is wonderful and I love my results. " - Andrea M. | 10.1.2016

 "Best experience ever always does an outstanding job wouldn't go anywhere else . 

Bikini Wax "Excellent first experience! Will recommend and return!" - Mandolyn M. | 07.6.2016

BRAZILIAN Wax, Upper Lip Wax  "Took my daughter for a wax and Sanya made her feel relaxed and less nervous. Her first experience was not so great so she was really scared. Thank you Sanya for a beast waxing experience for my daughter.!"  - Maria M. | 06.29.2016

Full Leg Wax, Brazilian Wax "Sanya did an amazing job! Waxing hurts period, but this was the least pain I've ever had with waxing. Definitely will continue to come back." - Jessica m. | 06.27.2016

Eyebrow Wax "Great environment, very professional and extremely high quality work. " - Sarah S. | 06.22.2016

BRAZILIAN WAX *,  "Sanya once again proved why she is the best at her profession - wouldn't go to another person for a wax." - Maria M. | 06.1.2016

BRAZILIAN WAX * "It was my first time, she gave me a lot of information and was very professional" - kourtney . | 4.13.2016

BRAZILIAN WAX *, "It was my 1st Brazilian, she was patient ..i was nervous but it didnt hurt a bit, she took her time it wasnt rushed" - Yazmine M. | 04.9.2016

BRAZILIAN WAX * "Sanya was amazing! I have been to waxing salons all over Chicago, but Sanya was by far the best, most pain free wax I've ever experienced!" - Sara B. | 02.19.2016

Full Face Wax * "My wife said she can't wait to come back the people treated her really nice " - Michelle c. | 02.14.2016

BRAZILIAN WAX *  "Excellent work everytime!" - Maria M. | 02.12.2016

Peel*  "She explains every little detail about what she puts in your skin. I left there with my skin felt rejuvenated and clean. Highly recommended. Excited to have more sessions with Sanya!!!! It was a very relaxing environment ." - Zenia C. | 2.9.2016

BRAZILIAN WAX * "The quality of the products Sanya uses is amazing, and her technique is impressive. The pain is completely tolerable. " - Ana g. | 02.5.2016

BRAZILIAN WAX *  "She has a great personality and makes u feel so comfortable and she is very good @ what she does it would recommend people to her my first time experience was relaxing and comfortable thanks Sanya definitely going back!"   - shikeia s. | 01.15.2016

EXPRESS FACIAL *  "Sanya knows so much about proper skin care! I had a great facial and learned alot!" - Traci s. | 1.10.2016

BRAZILIAN WAX * "My first wax and she was awesome. Made me feel very comfortable and did an awesome job!! I will be going back!"  - darcee f. | 12.22.2015

Brazilian Wax, EYEBROW WAX * "The first time ever getting a wax, I did not know what it was going to be like or how much pain I would be in. Yes I was nervous but Sanya explained everything in detail, made me feel relaxed, was very gentle, used great product and made my first time a breeze. She's funny and makes you feel like you've been friends for years. I would recommend her to everyone. " - Maria M. | 12.18.2015

Any 2 Facial Waxes "She is so kind and takes her time to make sure you look perfect." - Krystal K. | 12.11.2015

Brazilian Wax* "Sanya ensured my wax was painless! I have already recommended her to 3 friends!" - Kendra R. | 12.4.2015

Full Leg Wax*  " good outcome after waxing ,my legs were smooth " - Ava H. | 09.28.2014


** Sanya was absolutely wonderful. She was fun, personable, and made me so comfortable during my appointment. My first time getting a Brazilian was more than traumatizing. Not only was it painful during, but I struggled for the next 24 solid hours. I was determined to at least give this thing one more shot but I OF COURSE decided to try a different place altogether before I gave up for good. After scheduling with Sanya, who was very accommodating schedule-wise, I got to see how very patient, understanding, and reassuring she was, I'm so glad I managed to find her before I called it quits. She offered to use a numbing medication, lidocaine that managed my pain much better than during my initial experience where it wasn't even an option. Not only was this wax SIGNIFICANTLY less painful than the first, it even looks a lot better too. She also did smaller sections of hair which made this Brazilian much more precise and clean.

Also, prior to the session, she gave me an in-depth explanation about all the do's and dont's of waxing. It was clear that she is more than knowledge and qualified, but professional in delivery of her services. She uses only the best products to deliver those services as well and that is more than evident once you see the results.

I highly recommend Sanya to anyone that has had a bad experience or who hasn't. She is up and coming in this area and I firmly believe she's one of the best. I was terrified after my first Brazilian but thanks to Sanya, I now know that waxing isn't an impossible thing for me. I am more than thankful for her kindness and positive attitude, especially for such an inexperienced waxer with many incorrect perceptions. As a former shaver, I am excited to know that I'm not doomed to that option. THANK YOU, SANYA.


Oct 2015 ~  Awesome customer service and almost painless waxing!

Oct. 2015 ~ I had the detox done yesterday and it was fantastic. My skin looks and feels 100% better. After one use of the skin care line my face already feels and looks healthy. I can only imagine with the continued care and services i will be having done what my skin will look like! I'm loving the results and my skin is drinking up all the goodness I'm putting into it! Going to work without make up on today....unheard of! Boom

July 2015 ~ Sanya was amazing!! Felt very comfortable in her salon... She is very patient with her clients and wants the best for them i do have to say i will be back when my time is due... Thank you so much Sanya for a great first time experience....

July 2015 ~ Sanya does a beautiful job with makeup and I love other services PerFections offers. Schedule an appointment, you will see why I am a satisfied customer. 

June 2015 ~ R. T. ~ We had a wonderful time getting our facials.  Sanya is pleasant, friendly, knowledgeable and has a great sense of humor. She uses quality products.  Be sure to go see her!

 June 2015 ~ By Merissa Kay ~ I was very pleased with my visit with Sanya  earlier. Not only did she do an amazing job waxing my eyebrows she was very knowlegable about the different stages of hair grow and told me how I could attain a specific shape I want. She was very personable and took her time with me. Very refreshing as most salons are just concerned with how fast they can get to the next customer. I will definitely return to the shop and recommend her to others.


3/2015~ I have been to see see Sanya twice and I love her! She's very knowledgeable, patient, and comfortable to work with! I would recommend Sanya at Perfections for any service needed!!! K.S.


3/2/2015 ~ Loved, loved, loved this salon. Sanya is very knowledgeable about her products and her process. She shares this with you and explains in terms that a lay person like myself, can understand. She is very patient and can access whether you want a quiet session or a conversation if you are a talker (like me). This just adds that little extra that makes you feel comfortable. It was my first wax and I can honestly say I will never have reservations about waxing again! Sanya did it so pain-free I was amazed. My legs were so smooth and soft. I do believe it was Sanya's technique and would not want anyone but Sanya for all my waxing needs because she's just that good. My next service will be a facial and I have no doubt it will be as professional and effective as all the services Sanya offers. ~ Paddi


3/2015 ~ ***** 5 star ~ Loved, loved, LOVED my facial!  How amazing I felt after!  I got a facial prior and it was okay, but at PerFections I was so relaxed! It was a great experience! I will definitely be back!
Thank you so much for making my skin look and feel amazing ~
Shannon Moore


10/16/2014~ I had my very first waxing done at Perfections and I was so shocked that it didn't hurt nearly like I had expected it to. She was very nice and professional and made me feel at ease. I loved the fact that she didn't rush through the service but in stead she was consistent and thorough. Amy J.


***** Sanya is a wonderful Esthetician. She does a great job with facials and exceptionally well with eyebrow waxes. She is very thorough with all she does, which is important to a client. I highly recommend Sanya for all your skin care needs! ~ Abbey


  ***** I highly recommend PerFections! Sanya is very passionate about her client's skin care needs! She is very caring and makes people feel very comfortable. I will never go anywhere else! ~ Tina


   ***** I was hesitant on where to go to get my eyebrows done for the first time, and I have been going to her for over 3 years now. I'll never go anywhere else! Sanya  makes me feel right at home with her bubbly personality but at the same time as being professional:) ~ Ashlie.


  ***** I have never had a facial before, so I didn't know what to expect. Sanya explained everything she was doing step by step and what products she was using. The results were great. She was very professional and I will be using her for my skin care needs. ~ Kathy


 ***** Sanya is the best in town. Best eyebrow and skin care around!! ~ Amber  


 ***** So yesterday, I went for my very first ever in my LIFE bikini wax with Sanya.. A.D.H. said it was a good idea so if it went badly I was just going to blame it all on her, I was nervous going in there, not really thinking about the possibility of pain...more-so the idea of whipping out my coochie for a total stranger and proceeding to have her all up in there waxing and what-not...SERIOUSLY though....this chick is the SHIT she was SO friendly right from the second I walked through the door...she made me fell 100% comfortable in every single way and used a combination of waxes for minimal pain in my most sensitive areas...(It honestly didn't hurt any more than just plucking your eyebrows which to me doesn't really hurt at all) and explained every single product she was using on me, what it would do and was a really nice experience she had me cracking up and I walked out of there with my coochie as smooth as a toddler's I will DEFINITELY be going back and I recommend her to ALL of my friends, BTW She doesn't just do waxing, she offers a variety of skin services, (Facials, Peels, ANTI-AGING treatments etc) PLUS she is so kind as to offer 20% off of your 1st service and I'VE got COUPONS!!!  seriously tho people, you look old and shitty and hairy. Get to Sanya A.S.A.P. you will be thanking me later! ~~Megan S. September 5, 2014


 ***** Just got my eyebrows, lip and legs waxed! I feel fresh and great. I love it!! Thanks to Sanya Chamberlain at Perfections Skin Care. Go check out her website and set up an appointment!! ~~ Lilly  


 ***** Fabulous hair removal and facials... love the atmosphere ~~ Tamara D.


 ***** Does A Great Job At What She Does And Makes You Feel Comfortable ~~ Leslie D. 


 ***** Great place for your beauty needs!! ~~ Holly R.