Welcome to PerFections! 

Welcome, we are all about quality not quantity. We provide you with the most comfortable Brazilian wax possible. We allow extra time for our first time waxing clients to ensure they are comfortable and feel at ease. We are not here to rush through to the next customer. We make sure our services are done to the best of our ability. We also offer male body waxing and customized skin care treatments. We specialize in Skin care whether you are needing a corrective eyebrow waxing, a Brazilian wax, facials, acne treatments or anti-aging treatments, microdermabrasion, LED Light Therapy, chemical peels, non-surgical facial lifts, massages, hot stone massage or therapeutic massages, we got you covered. With over 7 years experience in skin care therapies we bring you customized treatments that deliver immediate and long lasting results. Best of all, our treatments and our products are cost effective so you can easily maintain your regimen to help you look your ultimate best. 

"Skin Care That Makes A Difference"